hello weekend bye week

during this week i didnt get as much stuff as i wanted to but i still had a good time with my friends!! thank you friends fir a good week even tho james was bugging me  i dont care to much about it  i dont even hang around  him to much i wont pay to much mind about the mean/annoying things he says im not trying to be toxic in any way im just talking about how i feel about the topic  and telling child up  and he said he was only joking i dont think so anyways lets move on to another topic i dont want towho ever reads this about my week at school i dont get whats wrong with him and only bugging me about it and i dont get why he  cares if its none of his business but who knows anyways i do not want to gossip and i dont think he does this to anybody else he just said at clean up one day ima beat that make my whole post about this i shouldnt pay mind to him anyways ive came up with a new style for my art today i made some art and i played brawl halla  with olive savvy and xander sorry  if the grammar is too good im trying my best to write cause i mostly write small things i had lots of fun but if the james thing keeps on happening ill tell abby anyways thats it for now  byeee

hi new day new try

hey everyone its me again today i looked at stuff that i wanted for my bday anyways i was readiong for 30 mins today i hanged out with my friends i drawed today i hanged out with my friends i tryed to write a new way i bloged of course and i was reading for another 15 mins and thats all bye *yeets a chair* XD