the creeper of dogs

I played Minecraft. I joined James and he helped me build the dog house for Cody, my dog, he had a light blue collar. And then we put a sign up that says “Cody” and then we put a fence up around it so no mob would come in. And we put a gate there so no mob, like a spider would come in. And we put glass around it so no spider would come in, and then I put a glass doggy door on the side and then a door in front, and then a little bit of gates, like two gates and then a fence around it in case a zomobie comes in. That’s creeper attacking, so if a dog attacks a creeper the creeper will explode, so that’s why I sat him down so he won’t open up the doggy door to protect him. And that’s why the doggy door is on a switch so he won’t get out. The door is for safety so he won’t come out. That’s why I have switches, so I can set him up so he can go out the door and make sure no mobs are around him.

You know how you open up doors? The things on the bottom? The pads that let you open up the doors so you can shut them?

So when it was raining in minecraft, the dog wanted to come out so bad, but I didn’t let him, so I made a little bath tub for him so he could wash up. Then I tried to tame another dog, but I’m going to do that tomorrow.

Then I tried to join Timo, but I had to set up an account, but then @kingthanos was lazy and still asleep in his nap, so I did shirt painting with Abby.

Earlier this week I was running around, up and down on the pointy triangle of the three D shape, I was standing so I wouldn’t get in the duck weed at the park with @bear. And I ate a bag of chips and @bear let me have some lettuce, it was so good, and so much fun. And when we went back we walked ant @bear talked to his girlfriend.

I have been having trouble staying focused in meetings because I like to draw and color and make noise and move around. So @ryanshollenberger said that I should stay in the spawn point and now I don’t want to draw in meetings. And that’s it.



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