The Creeper Talons

I played minecraft. I joined Sterling for a lot of time. I tried building a house, and Sterling kept blowing up my machines. Even my trap for Sterling so he won’t bother me. He despawned, and when he spawned back in he was stuck and he couldn’t get out. Then I teleported to my world and he was locked in there for fifty minutes and he didn’t blow it up, he just despawned.

I failed making a necklace. I was trying to make it, but I had to do more stuff in minecraft, like building a tnt tower. I could get some people that want to make a necklace to make a necklace with me next week though!

I made the pin guys. They’re in my birdhouse, the first birdhouse, not the castle. The pin guys were so hard to make! They were a lot of glitter, like a hundred percent glitter. I made them with laundry clips, yarn and I used glue to stick the yarn on so I could make hair.

I drew. I’m drawing a bunch right now. I drawed a bunch of times with @agilealfie. I always draw people, like, that can turn into animals, and I’m drawing a dress right now. That’s pretty much it.

I did a lot of stuff.


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