First I played Minecraft. Next I played Minecraft for, like, seven hours. In the day. That’s it. Didn’t do nothing else but play Minecraft.

I tamed a lot of horses and mules. By riding them and then pressing “e.” And then I put the saddle and the bridle on. Just the mules, I had to put saddles and chests on. I was playing with Timo. I joined him. And then I joined back in my world, and Timo and James joined me. That was the best. We had a horse race. Usually, Timo won, because he had a speed potion. Our speed potions would wear off, and that’s how Timo would win. So he had the glowingest thing. And some people joined in to see the horse race. I put seats all over the place, so people could see us. We had a big dance party after that. All the people who were in the seats enjoyed the horse race. We had a second round, and all the people who were sitting down joined in. Then we had a bunch of mules. A bunch of them were carrying chests on them and a bunch of them were named Jamie. Jamie Jamie Jamie. Because Jamie died. Jamie died on lava. Jamie was the first mule that James ever had. He probably had a bunch of mules. And I saw Alfie blow up a bunch of tnt.

Oh! And before, I ate lunch. Before blogging. And community circle.

Ok. That’s pretty much it.

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